Bartabel Hotel in Gargnano
Your exclusive front row on Lake Garda

The Bartabel hotel is located in the heart of the old village of Gargnano.
One side of the building looks out on the road that runs through the village
whereas the other side is lapped by the waters of the lake, which our guests can see in its
entirety from here, with surrounding landscapes that can restore inspiration to poets and novelists.

Within walking distance from the hotel
you will find the square with the lounge bars, romantic restaurants overlooking the lake, the marina,
the pretty little shops and the pier to the ferry.

The terrace overlooking the lake

 Is this not what you expect when it comes to a roof terrace?

The rooms at the Bartabel

Look for the best solution for your stay in Gargnano at the Bartabel hotel.

Bartabel and the old village

The Bartabel hotel is located on an ideal spot between the charm of the old town and the mesmerising magnificence of the Lake Garda. Here, people love to walk, browse souvenirs at the local shops, peep in the narrow crooked alleys, sip a cocktail in a lounge bar or enjoy a romantic dinner by the port or on the pier.

The port and the little square

It’s impossible not to enjoy the harmony, balance and sense of peace that the port of Gargnano oozes and gives people who sit down for even just¬†a moment to enjoy its beauty. The harbour is lined with restaurants, pizzerias and ice cream bars. The hotel is located about 50 meters from the port which is also the stopover point of the ferries.